COVID-19 Update

YES, we are open!

You can phone, email, or online booking is up and running.

     Virtual appointments are still a great option too.

We have re-opened with new COVID guidelines. For the most part we are unable to maintain social distancing so your therapist will be wearing a mask, and we would appreciate if you wore one too. You can bring your own, or a bandana or scarf will be fine, or you can buy a disposable one from us for $2. Hopefully we will be getting some trendy reusable ones in soon.

   We don’t want people hanging out in the waiting room so try to come on your own, and not too early, or wait in the car.  There are alcohol hand washing stations throughout the clinic. We have always had a good cleaning regime where we clean the beds after each use with a bleach solution, now we will do more areas under the bed and frame, the chair and bolster. We always change the linens.

The clinic will be cleaned more often throughout the day, and there are ongoing conversations as to all the necessary precautions.

   The most important point is no-one should come to the clinic if they have any Covid-19 symptoms such as fever, difficulty breathing, coughing, headaches, or flu symptoms. If our staff or patients have any of these symptoms they should call and cancel their appointment/s.

 Looking forward to reconnecting with everyone, See you soon.